Common Tools and Materials Used in Rug Cleaning

Quality Tools for a Quality Cleaning!

Owning a quality rug cleaning solution is necessary for your rugs, but finding the right materials for the job can be challenging. Your professional rug cleaner will most likely use a wide variety of tools, equipment, and materials that you lack. This is why it’s best to know what these tools and materials are! Below are the most common ones!

Rug Cleaner

A rug cleaner is a chemical that has properties that aid in the removal of stains, dirt, and other tough materials. It has a base that has the likes of ammonia, sodium salts, and other chemicals that are put through a refining process to create a compound that is specifically designed for cleaning carpets. They are also able to remove dirt and stains. There are a few types of cleaners available today. They can range from mild to more abrasive chemicals that are able to deep clean carpets and remove stubborn dirt and stains.

Spray Bottle

Your rug cleaner will use a spray bottle to apply the cleaning solution to the affected areas. It also provides better coverage so the solution can work its way deep into the fibers of the carpet.


A vacuum is also a tool that is frequently used by rug cleaners! It is used to help pull up dirt and debris that might be stuck to the carpet fibers. If needed, a vacuum cleaner that is specifically made for rugs can be used to pick up residue that is left behind when the rug cleaner is done cleaning the carpet.

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